Stafford Ving Tsun
Stafford Ving Tsun
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see how you can benefit - hear from our members
Ving Tsun. It’s not spectacular, it’s simple and subtle. It’s not a sport… it’s for quick and dirty self defence. Does it look good? We don’t do it to show off or impress our mates.  Does it feel good.  Yes.  Does it work?  It really does.

The atmosphere at the club is one of friendly, relaxed teaching and learning. No pressure to do gradings, and plenty of opportunity to work with the advanced members to help steer you through. Questions and queries are encouraged. Also, for whatever reason, Ving Tsun doesn’t seem to attract any obsessive kung-fu lunatics so you’re not having to compete or deal with testosterone laden egos.

I’m now 47 years of age and Ving Tsun brings a level of calm and confidence when confronted by stress or difficult situations – be it on the street, in the pub, or across the meeting table in business.  It doesn't mean leaping into fight mode, but it does mean you don't worry too much about confrontation - you can look it in the eye rather than look away or compromising your position..

If you have any interest in self defence or simply just fancy something more interesting than jogging, give Ving Tsun a try.

Greg Finney.
Having studied a number of styles, I've found Wing Chun to be the most effective (and least flashy) style. Training is often with a partner to give feedback and progress is quickly made but mastering will take years! The Stafford club has always welcomed me and is a forgiving environment for all to make progress at their own pace.

Richard Hughes
Ving Tsun was my reentry to exercise after an extended period of ill health. The club was extremely welcoming and patient; everyone there wants to help you improve your skills. Wing Tyun is suitable for all, even if they have no prior experience in martial arts or they're physically unconditioned.

There's a rich legacy to Ving Tsun, and a huge global community behind it. I'd wholeheartedly recommend trying it out.

Greg Mayes
I have been training in Ving Tsun for nearly seven years. I have been quite dedicated and consistent, and like anything else in life, you get out what you put in. I have developed more:  confidence; knowledge; co-ordination; fitness; self-empowerment; self-knowledge. It has become a very important part of who I am.

Although I have never had to use my Ving Tsun in an actual altercation, thankfully, I am confident that I stand a much better chance of defending myself in a real situation than if I had never trained. I felt more confident to be able to defend myself even after my first year of training, as I worked my way diligently through the basic student grades.

The club is friendly, supportive and fun. I’d recommend it to anyone. It brings me joy.

Eddi Cahill
I've been learning Ving Tsun for the last couple of years, and to me the classes are both a great hobby and a valuable piece of personal development. Learning to defend myself has helped me to grow my confidence in everyday life, and to feel safer when walking through the streets on my own. I'm a woman, and not big or strong, but the Ving Tsun system has given me the tools to use my body's structure effectively against a powerful opponent, and use their own force against them.

The club's atmosphere isn't competitively charged - everyone works together to help each other learn. As I've risen through the grades I've felt a real sense of progression, and the individual techniques that I've learnt have flowed together into a versatile, logical system. Also, since the aim of Ving Tsun isn't to compete in sporting matches where an opponent will be "playing by the rules", I've gained a sense of being able to handle myself in real-world situations if I ever have to.

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